SME 2.0 Project

SME 2.0 – Proactive Networking in Business Management of European SMEs

Small and Medium Enterprises are acknowledged all over the world as the drivers of economic growth. The “Small Business Act for Europe reflects the Commission's political objective to recognize the role of SMEs in the European economy.

During the last years the new networking technology (based on Open Source web 2.0 applications) offers effective tools for SMEs, to gear up their professional and business activities from the productive teamwork up to effective online marketing. However the delivery of this knowledge should be more effective by using the networking tools the content is talking about, by establishing an environment for “learning by doing”.

SME 2.0 consortium will establish online training for European Small and Medium Enterprises based on the transferred methodology from SMELearning LdV project, with strong focus on the special characteristics and needs of the SMEs. The training will be delivered through a successful collaborative e-learning solution, developed in the TENEGEN LdV project (, to support heavy collaboration and knowledge sharing among the managers and employees of European SMEs, and to recognize the business potential of the newest open source web based tools, and establish a space for a business oriented community of practice.


Establishing proactive networking platform (SME 2.0 PNP) with four modules (Information and knowledge management, Project management, Online marketing, Human resource management) with special focus on the needs of the target group, in practice oriented approach, formulating the recommendation towards the EU level recognition of SME 2.0 certificate, prepare SME 2.0 course for accreditation in the Hungarian Adult Accreditation System.

Target groups

  • - managers, employees, owners of European SMEs,
  • - teachers and trainers of vocational education,
  • - policy makers, European e-learning providers.


WP1       Project management
WP2       Systems Analysis and Design of the Transfer of Innovation, needs-analysis
WP3       SME 2.0 Course design by adapting the donor products
WP4       Implementation of SME 2.0 course content and the SME 2.0 Proactive Networking Platform
WP5       Implementation of SME 2.0 modules
WP6       Pilots
WP7       Develop EU dimension of SME 2.0 PNP based on ECVET, EQF
WP8       Evaluation
WP9       Dissemination and valorization